The Maltese Consulate would be very pleased to assists Maltese, Malaysians and any other nationals (when applicable) with the following summarised Activities and Services.

The Maltese Consulate will assist with any of the following topics and any related activities. Legalisation and Attestations of Documents. Limited due Diligence checks for Maltese and Malaysian companies. Visa Advice for Foreign and Maltese Nationals.

Legalisation of Documents
The Consulate is authorised to verify, attest and legalise documents for acceptance in Malta such as, birth and marriage certificates, including power of attorney and translations, after carrying out due diligence and following the requirement as stated by the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs.

Limited ‘due diligence’ request.
The Maltese Consulate is able to carry out limited due diligence checks for Maltese organisations interested in commercial activities with Malaysian companies for goods and services.

Visa Advise for Foreign Nationals Travelling to Malta
Malta is a Schengen Area Country and therefore to enter Malta a Schengen visa is required. A Schengen visa can only be issued by a Maltese Embassy and or a Malta High Commission in the country of the applicant.

Honorary Consulates do not issue any type of visas to enter Malta however, Malta is represented by one of the Embassies of the Schengen countries where a Maltese Embassy and or a Malta High Commission is not available. The Malta representative Schengen Embassy is authorised to process and issue visa to enter Malta only as a tourist.

In Malaysia, Malta is represented by the Austrian Embassy, whereas in Singapore and Thailand, it is represented by the Italian Embassy.

Citizen of certain countries (Third Countries) who have lived legally in Malaysia and have a Malaysian work permit for a period longer than six months can apply for a tourist visa by applying directly at the VFS Global Office, Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur for the processing of the application on behalf of the Austrian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.(At the time of construction of this website).

Similarly, any person in a) Singapore and Indonesia and b) The Philippines, who requires a visa to visit Malta should contact respectively: a) The Italian Embassy in Singapore and Jakarta, and b) The Spanish Embassy/VFS Global in Manila.

Malaysian, European Union and most Commonwealth citizens do not require a visa to enter Malta and can travel as tourists provided that a return ticket is available together with an accommodation address and sufficient money for the stay plus other conditions. However, the regulations are constantly under review and may change at any time.

For Visa application and instructions forms to visit Malta (click here). Alternatively for up dated forms, these can be downloaded from the following website: Central Visa Unit | Identity Malta Agency. then search for the required information. This website also includes where “Third Countries Nationals” requiring a visa can apply at their country of origin. Furthermore, for specific details click here.

Visa Advise for Maltese Nationals
The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs is not responsible for the issuing of visas to Maltese nationals by foreign states. Visa requirements for Maltese nationals going abroad are invariably subject to changes by host countries.

The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs endeavor is to provide information available to it at the time of submission of the query. The information related to visa requirements contained in this document is only indicative and is issued to assist Maltese passport holders. The Ministry shall not be held responsible for any variance in the information provided.

The applicant may wish to double-check requirements independently of this service.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that enquiries are submitted well in advance of the planned date of departure. Information should be double-checked closer to the date of departure prior to travelling to countries that ordinarily do not require a visa for Maltese passport holders.

It should be noted that any passport issued by the Maltese Government does not belong to the individual, but it belongs to the Maltese Government and can be cancelled at any time.

If a passport is lost and or stolen while abroad it should be reported immediately to the local police and inform the nearest Maltese Embassy, High Commission or Consulate, or if not available, to the nearest Schengen Embassy in that country.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs website gives detailed advice for Maltese travelling abroad as well as frequently updated Travel Advice website. For more detailed advice click here: Central Visa Unit | Identity Malta Agency or here

Covid-19 Pandemic, current information.
For up-to-date information, refer to the following websites or copy and paste.:
  3. COVID-19: Change in Expatriates Unit & Central Visa Unit Service Provision | Identity Malta Agency
Note to reader.
The above information is abstracted from the official Maltese Government’s websites which normally updated every now and then.
  • The Consulate does not issue entry visas to Malta however it is able to advice according to the circumstances at the time and purpose of visit including assistance with accommodation facilities.
  • Malaysian, European Union and most Commonwealth citizens do not require a visa to enter Malta and can travel as tourists provided that a return ticked is available and other conditions are met.
  • Visa application and instructions forms to visit Malta can be can be downloaded from the following website;
  • Third Countries Nationals requiring a visa are shown in the following website:
    Click Here
  • Third Countries Nationals can apply at their country of origin as shown in the following website:
    Click Here

The activities of the Maltese Consulate in Malaysia are offered under the auspices of Dr Shameem and include:

  1. The assistance to any party interested in establishing education collaboration links between Malaysia and Malta.
  2. Assisting prospective students willing to study in Malta.
  3. Providing consultancy and training services to Malaysian organisations and students.

  • University of Malta

    Prospective students at undergraduate and post graduate level who wish to study at the University of Malta should in the first instance contact the sole agent in Malaysia and South east Asia, Galileo Enterprises and Consultancy Services prior to applying to the University for further details and assistance.

    The University of Malta has its roots since 1592 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It has ten faculties offering graduate and postgraduate degree courses in Architecture and Civil Engineering, Arts, Dental Surgery, Economics, Management and Accountancy, Education, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, Law and Science and Technology and various Institutes and Centres. Classes are relatively small and the medium of teaching is English. The Malaysian Medical Council and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awan (JPA) recognise the degree of Medical Doctor and Bachelor of Dentistry awarded by University of Malta (previously known as the Royal University of Malta). One of the well-known personalities at the university is Edward de Bone. The Edward de Born Institute of Thinking is a very active institute at University of Malta.

  • Education in Gerontology and Ageing Issues

    The United Nations has established its International Institute on Ageing in Malta on the 15th April 1988 for the purpose of helping the developing countries. A limited number of scholarships are available to attend courses in Malta or in the base countries, associated with gerontology and other aging aspects. A number of Malaysians’ citizens have already benefited and attended such courses held in Malta and other base countries.

  • The International Marine Law Institute

    The International Marine Law Institute (Click here to follow) was established in Malta in 1988 under an agreement between the International Marine Organisation and the Government of Malta. It was hosted by the University of Malta and started its programme in the same year. The main objective of the programmes is to train officers from developing countries. A limited number of scholarships are available to attend the courses in Malta and a number of Malaysians’ citizens have already benefited and attended such courses held in Malta.

  • Consultancy and Training Services.

    Consultancy and Training Services are offered by Dr Shameem (Click here for photo) through Galileo Enterprises and Consultancy Services: to Malaysian organisations and students.

Malta has a number of residence programmes and the Consulate can assist with the applications. Details can be found from the Maltese government links below. Please refer to Google for more information because all programmes are constantly reviewed

  • The Global Residence Programme:
    Click Here
  • High Net Worth Individuals.
  • Malta Retirement Programme.
    Click Here
  • • Malta Ordinary Residence Scheme. Do a Google title search for updates.
  • Flights to and from Malta

    Emirates Airlines offers return flights from KLIA to Malta with a stop at Dubai each way. One can also travel by MAS from KLIA to London Heathrow and other European cities and then to Malta by Air Malta as well as by a number of budget airlines from various airports in the United Kingdom. Malta has connections to all the major European cities and North African countries as well as their Embassies and Consulates.

  • Business with Malta

    The Consulate can assist with:

    1. Business and commercial connections including import and export activities between Malta and Malaysia, and Malta and other South East Asian Countries.
    2. Setting up manufacturing and or marketing operations and facilities in Malta.
    3. Business in the EU. Malta is a full member of the European Union and therefore business activities could include all the European market. The currency used in Malta is the Euro.
    4. Business in North Africa. Malta’s strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea makes it a very suitable business base to serve the emerging North African Markets as a whole.

  • Business within Malaysia

    The main business activities in Malaysia are carried out by Galileo Enterprise and Consultancy Services see website for detail, together with other associates including Galileo Education Sdn Bhd, and various travel agents.